A Timetable for Resuming Service

While the timetable (so-called “roadmap”) announced by the Prime Minister on 22nd February indicated that village and community halls will re-open after Easter, on 12th April, this has been contradicted by guidance issued on 25th February indicating that they can only open on 12th April for those activities already permitted under lockdown plus a small list of further activities. They are otherwise closed until 17th May.  

In view of the ongoing restrictions on the type of events which can occur, the DAVH Committee has decided that the Hall will not be available to hire prior to Step Three: 17 May with the exception of the Election to be held on 5th May under special conditions.

The exterior lawn may be used from 12 April under certain conditions with written permission.

Step Three: 17 May

  • Controlled indoor events can take place with up to 50% capacity.
  • Hospitality settings will be able to open in accordance with the “rule of 6”, so community cafes, coffee mornings and social clubs can take place.
  • Film shows, plays, concerts and sports matches can take place, subject to social distancing.
  • Indoor sports activities, including exercise classes, table tennis, badminton can take place.
  • Up to 30 people will be able to attend weddings, receptions, funerals, and wakes. Christenings and bar mitzvahs will be allowed.
  • Organised outdoor entertainment can take place.
  • The "rule of six" will be abolished for outdoor gatherings, replaced with a limit of 30 people.  The “rule of 6” will apply to indoor events.

Step Four: 21st June

  • All legal limits on social contact are removed. Outdoor events with more than 30 people can take place.
  • Dancing is permitted.
  • Restrictions on numbers at weddings and funerals are abolished.

The DAVH Committee has decided that it will comply with these regulations by permitting only organised classes which meet the requirements of Step Three prior to 21st June.  This will preclude any form of social gathering including parties and dancing until then.

There may still be an ongoing requirement for additional cleaning and hygiene which will be determined in due course.


The public Diary has now been reinstated for the week beginning 21 June.

If you want to make a booking for later in the year, you can email about the date.  Normal rules about change and cancellation will apply from bookings made for dates after 21 June or whenever Stage 4 applies if different.

Peter Baillie for DAVH Committee


Managing Village Hall Bookings

Would anyone like to take on this very valuable and important role for the Hall and the village?
It is crucial to running the Hall as a valuable resource for the village, for parties, classes, meetings and other events.
Having carried out this role for 10 years, Peter Baillie would like to hand it over to someone else.
If you would like to discuss it first, please phone or email me, details in DA Newsletter or via "Contact Us" on this website.

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